John Frank M

Best Blues/Blues Rock Trio in Stuttgart Raum

71034 Böblingen

Anzeige von John Frank M, veröffentlicht am 23. Oktober 2020


Rubrik: Sänger, Gitarrist sucht Band
Genre: Rock, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly, Jazz, Blues
Anspruch: Ambitioniert
Skill: Erfahren
Songmaterial: nicht vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


What’s going on guys! First of all, to all my German friends. I’m sorry for the English. Ich kann deutsch but my writing skills are horrible.

Im an American ( NY) blues based guitarist and singer. Over 20 years experience with tons of live performances.

Looking to start a Blues/hard/rock/funk Power Trio
Singer and lead guitarist already sorted. I'm looking to see who might be interested in joining.... Bass and drummer needed.

Style - Josh Smith Philip Sayce , Kirk Fletcher - Art Menenez. Hendrix - SRV -Cream, as well as old blues dudes like Albert Collins- Albert King- BB King Magic Sam usw. Don’t be afraid to jazz things up too.

This is pretty serious project idea ! Goal ist gigs gigs gigs.( when corona finally decides to leave us )

Possibly down the road festivals ?
If interested (...) Mehr anzeigen, drop me a message

Clips of me playing are on my profile page Weniger anzeigen


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-> Other than main my man project ( see below), I’m open for side experienced side projects that have the groove. Blues,Rock,Funk,R&B and Soul. Also Christian worship! Just hit me up.


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