Manuel Nox

Pro. Int. studio and tour experienced frontman is looking for a band

80331 München

Anzeige von Manuel Nox, veröffentlicht am 21. Oktober 2020


Rubrik: Sänger sucht Band oder Mitmusiker (Gitarrist/in, Bassist/in, Schlagzeuger/in, Keyboarder/in)
Genre: Pop, Rock, Metal, Punk/Hardcore
Anspruch: Semiprofessionell, Hauptberuf
Skill: Sehr erfahren, Profi
Songmaterial: nicht vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


Hey there,
I am a Int. recognized frontman stranded here in Europe after covid,and I am looking for a Pro band for touring in 2021 anywhere in Europe (hopefully).
I have a 4 octave vocal Range,been major signed been touring the (USA/South America/Europe/Russia) and I got a few good contacts to bring to the the table,to give the whole thing a kickstart.

If you are looking for a layed back mid 20´s frontman please get back to me


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81241 München

Rock, Metal

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Sänger/-in für anspruchsvolles Country/Pop-Projekt gesucht!

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Pop, Blues, Folk/Country

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