Outset of Circle

Metalcore, Poppige Mischung aus Metal- und Hardcore aus Burghausen, seit 2015


Outset of Circle is a metalcore band from Bavaria, southern Germany.
Since their first EP-release in 2017 they have been on the road all around southern Germany, upper Austria and Tirol.
Their first album FALL has been published on May 1st, 2019 via self-promotion.
The FALL-Kickoff tour was a big success and after 12 shows OoC sold out the whole FALL-merch collection and most of the limited hard copies.
During the corona releated lockdown OoC works on new music that will come with a whole new self-image.
At any time please contact Outset of Circle via: info@outsetofcircle.de


Jannik Thiel

Gitarrist, Background-Sänger


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