Poetry in Music

Jazz Ambient Lounge with the Poets of the World aus Baden-Baden, seit 2014



The Duo Poetry in Music is launched by the actress Johana Munzarova and the advertising photographer and musician Peter Hillert. They whisk us away on an artistical journey in to the world of poetry and lyrics. Johana´s voice embedded in to a pleasant, sensual Lounge Groove, presents a relaxed and elegant atmosphere for both listening and understanding. Poems by Goethe, Rilke, Kipling, Novalis - just to name a few - find themselves resurrected out of the traditional way of reciting into the modern music world of Lounge Jazz, experiencing thus a new form of interpretation. Peter creates multiple worlds of sound with modern guitar technology. A single string stroke brings to life the sound of string ensembles, flutes or spherical choruses. Stimulating for the ear, elegant to the eye, this du (...) Mehr anzeigeno creates a timeless, elegant ambience where we discover beauty, thruth and deep insight. Their live performance offers a Live Concert with the poems of the world and readings with music. The debut album "Invictus", scheduled for release beginning 2015, presents a truely international album in five languages and a jazzy lounge ambience, that makes you feel at home all over the world. Weniger anzeigen


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