Electro Industrial (denk Rammstein Techno) aus Köln, seit 2010


Coming out of a deep hibernation, finding themselves in furthest Cologne, Germany, Renoized have reappeared to terrorise stages in the darkest corners of Europe. Forgotten by many, and only a vague memory to those who still remember, they have returned to share their tumultuous brand of music with any who care to listen.

The project first saw the light of day in Nottingham at the beginning of the decade, combining influences of metal and industrial, harsh vocals mixed with hammering kick drums. Their debut album “I Am Your Sin” was released in 2012, with themes of heartbreak, depression and the darker sides of humanity. Gathering friends, fellow miscreants and noise enthusiasts they set about inflicting their music upon the British public.

Their modest claims to fame inc (...) Mehr anzeigenlude sharing a stage with industrial monsters KMFDM, Nachtmahr and Shiv-r, among others, and leaving bloody footprints on Slimelight’s stage. While Alex Holmes is the heart and soul behind Renoized, their live performance rests upon the combined efforts of the band, creating an edgier, bloodier stage show packed with energy.

After moving to Germany in 2016, the aforementioned hibernation began. Renoized are now quietly working on new material, casting off the distorted vocals of aggrotech and embracing a cleaner, more modern style. With political and societal themes added to the mix, the new sound is harsh, rhythmic and as dark as ever.

Now that the incubation is over, Renoized are once again ready to crawl out of the darkness and into our ears.

The silence has come to an end. Weniger anzeigen


Alex Holmes



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