Rock, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly aus Cesena, seit 2014



We’re the Biggest Rock Band on Earth!

2015 – Romagna calling the Foo Fighters

An idea that takes shape, an ambitious goal, a steep road. Four miracles to be performed: find one thousand musicians, get them to play simultaneously for the biggest Rock show ever, collect enough money to make it real, convince the Foo Fighters to come and play a gig in Cesena.

Each goal has been achieved with a bang. The video of that performance makes millions of views all over the world, and on November 3rd, Foo Fighters give a unique live show in Cesena: a 3 hours concert dedicated to the Thousand, all the donors and the volunteers involved in the July performance.

2016 – Rockin’1000 That’s Live

The Thousand become “the biggest Rock Band on Earth”. Proof: a whole concert. 17 songs played all together a (...) Mehr anzeigent Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena.
The performance is caught on CD and vinyl.

Without the trust and the enthusiasm of everyone who has believed and has been involved in this dream (again: musicians, volunteers, donors), Rockin’1000 wouldn’t exist. Without an audience, who’s been part of the whole process, Rockin’1000 wouldn’t make sense.

After the first mission was accomplished, it was clear that the journey had just begun: at this point, quitting is not an option.

Rock makes it impossible to stand still, it pushes you to fight authority, to show your feelings, to get to know people, to face new situations.

Rockin’1000 wants to keep this fire burning, creating hard-to-believe projects, each one has to be different from the other.

No rankings, no prizes, no winners, no losers: everyone can be part of this, either an audience or a member of “the biggest Rock Band on Earth”. No barriers here, all emotions are equal, same intensity.

Together, we can do it.

Wherever there is space and scope for action, Rockin’1000 can become reality. Weniger anzeigen


Philipp Schengber


Kevin Gölzner


Rick Stolz


Ingo Paffrath


Patrick Fischer


Francesco Cantoro



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