California Punk Rock aus Bruchköbel, seit 2002


3 boys, 3 instruments, 1 stage, 1 goal! That is SMELL!

Smell is known for their crazy California-German Punk Rock , with catchy hook lines and skilled breaks and riffs. The boys, who are all from the Frankfurt area, know what they are doing and how to get a crowd to rave. Their spontaneous, humorous and action-filled stage performance is what gets their continuously growing fan base to rock. To date "Smell" has played over 120 gigs and they are no longer just beginners in the music business. One of the band's main messages, other than their charisma, is to play and tell about their mutual experiences. Their quips can be on the border of "smart mouths" but that's what makes them so charming! And it's worth it, since their message reaches more and more fans, driving them to attend their co (...) Mehr anzeigenncerts and infecting them with happiness that takes them to the heights.

"Smell" finished their next album. Now they will touring and showcasing in the hopes of finding a strong label that will "smell" of success for them. Weniger anzeigen


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