Stromble Fix

A crude crossover of Post Punk, Hardcore, Grunge, Wave, Rock, Psychedelic, Disco, Reggae, and ... Pop aus Gelsenkirchen, seit 1990




Frank is STROMBLE FIX´ guitar player since 1990. After the band split in 1994, he formed the independent group GINGERS BALL and played many projects. Since the first STROMBLE FIX reunion in 1998, he also took over the lead vocals.

Tuffy Brazil is also founding member of the band and plays bass guitar. Feeling frustrated about the band split 1994, he completely quit playing guitar until the band was reformed.

Axel B. already played some hundred gigs during the 80s and 90s with his bands STONED AIRLINES and SURREAL FEED. He joined the band in 2002 and his psychodelic beats led most importantly to today´s STROMBLE FIX sound.


2010 "The early years" CD
2009 "The eighties are over" CD
2006 "The lägger äse movie" VideoCD
2005 "lägger äse" EP
2004 "Punks not dead" CD (sold (...) Mehr anzeigenout)
1993 "The Salt..." Demo (sold out)
1992 "Lasadome" Demo (sold out)
1991 "Domicile" Demo (sold out)
1990 "Limit is relative" Demo (sold out)

Stromble Fix have been around since 1990 in the underground of the Ruhr area and were playing shows in youth centers and small Clubs during the early 90´s. After the band split and some years of silence, Frank and Tuffy Brazil reformed the band in 2002 and hired Axel B. on drums. Axel was no stranger to the band: together with Frank, he was member of DEHYDERGOT back in 1989. And they played next door to Tuffy´s first punk rock band in the cellar of the local youth center ... Weniger anzeigen


Axel Borsch



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