Easy Listening Mainstream POP aus Winningen, seit 1991



When Supernatural started to work on tracks and songs in 1993, which later led to their first album "The Calling" (released October 1998), they really had no idea where it was going. Most of the tracks were recorded "in one take" in the living room of their house, using their old Ensonique ASR keyboard, a Dat recorder, guitars, amps and some outboard gear.

Due to being busy with touring and recording other projects, it took a while before "The Calling" was complete. Both band-members Peter & Thomas have been into Film scores and creating sound scapes to visuals for years and both appreciate their music being used in commercials and independent films.

In 2005 their recent album "Bad Day" (release date May 2005) marks the Band's return to ambient, sophisticated Pop/Rock tunes with melodic (...) Mehr anzeigenhooks crying out loud for airplay on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although the members of Supernatural are currently living on different continents and while tracks of "Bad Day" are getting airplay in the US, Europe, Australia and Japan, Supernatural have finished writing and recording songs for their next album "Never give up", coming to you in spring of 2007

Stay tuned and thank you for your interest! Weniger anzeigen

  1. just a fool (Bad day, 2005)Kommentar
  2. i don`t wanna know (Bad day, 2005)Kommentar
  3. places in my heart (Bad day, 2005)Kommentar

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