instrumental progressive rock aus Nürnberg, seit 2009



SYNCROMIND PROJECT was formed in 2009 by the Italian guitarist and composer Enzo Ferrara and Vito Lis, a Polish drummer, producer and sound engineer. The two musicians already took their tunes on tour in Europe with Vito having founded and played in progressive rock bands like "Relocator", "Tsunami" and "Delta Cyphei Project", and Enzo as founder, singer and guitarist of progressive metal groups like "Progenic" and "Celestial Voyage". This musical project was born in 2009

At first, it was a collection of musical tryouts of SYNCROMIND PROJECT's guitarist and originator Enzo Ferrara. In the course of time, the instrumental structures became more and more complex so he decided to start his search for the matching musicians who could provide the energy he wanted to be captured inside those mu (...) Mehr anzeigensical sketches. After having met Vito by chance on various music events, it soon became clear that the two musicians had a lot in common, leading to interesting jam sessions which had only one logical consequence: Vito simply had to join this project on the drums as his real, vivid and sophisticated drumming made a more than useful contribution to the tracks. But there was still more to be discovered: it turned out that Vito is not only a very skillful and versatile drummer, but also an arranger and producer for the material Enzo composed. Together, they covered the entire range of capabilities necessary for any upcoming production plan.

In that moment, the way was paved for the SYNCROMIND PROJECT, so that Enzo and Vito could dive more and more into the heavy workload of producing those tracks written in the meantime. The production process for the debut album "SYNCRONIZED" took almost two years and features only Lis and Ferrara on various instruments and tasks.Besides delivering all guitar tracks, Enzo also applied his style, technique and focus on the five-stringed bass guitar, whereas all drumming, sampling, keyboard and programming work was completely assumed by Vito, showing that even only two musicians can make up a hell of pure and complete musical energy.

Better yet - two minds synchronized on the same target: powerful and differentiated music.

Pursuing that principle, the two musicians went on writing the material for their second album with title "SECOND". This time, both of them were equally involved in the songwriting process. "SECOND", being released almost three years later, is a milestone in the history of the band, as it features eight picturesque tracks telling their wonderful stories. In order not too lose even a bit of the energy released during the making of the album, Enzo and Vito had their new piece of work mastered at the Abbey Road Studios in London. The result is overwhelming and ready to go viral.

SYNCROMIND PROJECT is inspired by a lot of well-known bands and musicians of the progressive rock/metal and fusion genre, as for example Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Rush, Planet X and Liquid Tension Experiment without copying them – it provides powerful and sophisticated rock music mixed with heavy and tricky, but nonetheless catchy licks and grooves. Weniger anzeigen


Enzo Ferrara

Gitarrist, Bassist


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