catchy – electronic – progressive but yet POP ! aus Witten, seit 2001



Media Control trend chart position, co-headliner RTL Ringfest stage, Zillo mag page-one story, worldwide concerts, German alternative chart position #1, and many more big hits were achieved by Volker Lutz even before he founded German Synth-Pop Project T.O.Y. In 2001.
Drakkar Records and Boggi Kopec, who gained success and experience beyond the mainstream with bands such as H.I.M. , Guano Apes and Nightwish, were brought into play.
In order to put emphasis on different musical aspects, e-Wave records was founded, a sub- label specifically for electronic music with connection to and distribution through BMG.
On that label, T.O.Y. ́s debut album „Space Radio“ was released in 2001 and surpassed all expectations.
The same year, T.O.Y. hit the road with DE/VISION to tour Europe, and played 28 g (...) Mehr anzeigenigs in 30 days in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and England, which was frenetically celebrated.
The follow up album „White Lights“ (e-Wave/BMG), led to further shows in Moscow and Mexico City, in front of audiences of over 1000 people contributing to the internationally gained success of their debut.
Volker Lutz was involved as a songwriter, producer and remixer, amongst other things, for bands such as Apoptygma Bezerk, AND ONE and DE/VISION.
A creative break, a new musical direction, the expansion of their own recording studio, and the development of many new songs in the field of modern Electro-Pop, followed.
After releasing the long awaited „Pain is Love“ album in 2017 and the addition of keyboard player Helge Wiegand ( Wiegand, Diorama), the new songs were presented to audiences in Spain, Russia, Mexico, Poland and Germany to receive enthusiastic reactions in front of up to 1200 people.
The Youtube and Facebook community cheers on live and backstage recordings, and a new chapter has opened for the band, to be unique in the German music scene:
catchy – electronic – progressive but yet POP !
The band recently filmed two video clips in Lithuania with director Rytis Titas to present two brand-new tracks, that were recorded with musical support from Andy Treacey (Faithless), to be released in June 2019. Weniger anzeigen


Marc A. Nathaniel

Percussionist, Schlagzeuger, Pianist, Komponist


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