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ist ein Band, Komponist, Sänger und Songwriter, der Heavy Metal Donner mit markanten melodischen Gitarrenriffs, shreddernden Leads und Powerhouse Vocals liefert. aus L.A., seit 2015


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Tara Lynch is a guitarist, composer, vocalist and songwriter who delivers heavy metal thunder with prominent melodic guitar riffs, shredding leads and powerhouse vocals. Tara's full-length debut album, "EVIL ENOUGH," is due for release in early 2018.
At the age of eleven, Tara began teaching herself how to play her older brother's electric guitar on the sneak whenever he was out for the day. One day, he came home early and caught her in the act! Instead of getting angry for breaking his "don't touch this guitar" rule, he was so impressed with her skills, he gave it to her. And thus began Tara's love for guitar, her favorite and most accomplished of all instruments.
Primarily self-taught, Tara continued to play both electric and acoustic guitar and write songs well into her adult (...) Mehr anzeigenhood, picking up the bass guitar, drums and piano along the way. Very serious about her musicianship and the unending desire to improve, Tara has personally studied guitar with Steve Vai (Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Alcatrazz), drums with Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), bass with Björn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Soul Sign, Dio Disciples) and piano with Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, KISS, Alice Cooper, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol).
In 2015, Tara accepted the invitation from Geert Fieuw (founder of Belgian band Beyond the Labyrinth) to write and perform guitar solos on Beyond the Labyrinth's upcoming fourth album, "The Art of Resilience," scheduled for release in March 2017. At the same time, Tara began writing for her own upcoming debut album, EVIL ENOUGH.
EVIL ENOUGH is a melodic metal album full of rich guitar dominant tracks, all written by Tara Lynch. Joining Tara on this album is an all-star lineup of guest musicians including:

VINNY APPICE - Drums (Dio, Black Sabbath, Last In Line)
MARK BOALS - Vocals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Dokken, Dio Disciples, Raiding the Rock Vault)
BJORN ENGLEN - Bass (Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Soul Sign, Dio Disciples)
TONY MACALPINE - Keyboards (Tony MacAlpine, Planet X, CAB)
GLEN SOBEL - Drums (Alice Cooper, Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Uli Jon Roth, Hollywood Vampires)
PHIL SOUSSAN - Bass (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Last In Line)
BRENT WOODS - Background Vocals, Synthesizers
On EVIL ENOUGH, all words and music are written by Tara Lynch, who who also plays all guitars, some lead vocals and backing vocals.
In 2018, Tara Lynch will kick off an EVIL ENOUGH tour.
"Let's rock!"...Tara Lynch Weniger anzeigen


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