The Casey Jr. Ride

Neo Psychedelica aus Mannheim, seit 2016



Founded in 2015 The Casey Jr. Ride released, after playing some live shows, their self produced debut album „Heliocentric View” in 2016. Impressed by the playfulness influential genre of the mid-60’s, musically the band is floating somewhere between driving velvet rhythms and reverberating wandering. At the end of 2017 CJR released their second record „ERROR #404”:
"While this album still retains some of the surf rock elements seen in Heliocentric View, ERROR #404 is a lot darker and emotionally charged than their previous album. It sounds dreamy-veering towards nightmarish, psychedelic, raw and soulful all at the same time - it doesn’t disappoint. If Kurt Cobain was born a German poet yielding a tambourine and singing about the trials and tribulations of life, he would be The Casey Jr. Ri (...) Mehr anzeigende.”
- POW MAGAZINE San Francisco Weniger anzeigen


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