The Hot Hands

Acoustic Americana Singer-Songwriter Duo aus Berlin, seit 2018



Even if the Hot Hands appear not to be really out of this world sometimes – their music is all the more so. The Berlin based acoustic duo is singing about ageing cowboys, furious waitresses, about hippies who have mutated into sales agents and left behind circus tigers. They are singing about the wind in the trees and the art of just lying in the grass. They are singing about quests and findings, about love and death. Their songs are like a manifesto of imperfection amidst a tedious and uniform world of casting shows and sampled electro beats – unpredictable, straight and honest: two tightly intertwined voices, one guitar, one harmonica, one snare drum, served with a pinch of Country dirt and with a hefty shot of Rock ´n Roll.


Andreas Hoth

Sängerin, Gitarristin, Songwriterin

Berit Röder

Sängerin, Mundharmonikaspielerin, Percussionistin


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