The Redbook Project

Popular Soul-jazz aus Berlin, seit 2016


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The Redbook Project

Bring in what you got.
This was the beginning of an unusual but breathtaking sound, that The Redbook Project delivers in every show.
Since 2016 the 4 musicians with leader and singer MAXX captivate their audience with an honest, sometimes rough, sometimes soft sound which always keeps staying in motion.
The Mixture of Soul, Pop, Jazz and Hip Hop has it’s very own character, given and shaped by each of the members MAXX, Bruno, Lukas and Aike.

After over a year of work, The Redbook Project finally released their debut EP Changing Shapes at the 3rd of November at Panke in Wedding.
All 6 songs of the EP are showing the whole depth of the whole Band and stayed so universal that everyone can find them selves in it.

“Yo. This is great!! Really dig your voice. Has a real u (...) Mehr anzeigennique tone and quality.
Really like it.” (Bill Laurence)

“Bravo to you and the whole band for putting your hearts and souls into these songs.” (Omer Klein) Weniger anzeigen


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