The Beaten Generation

70er, 80er Punkrock aus Düren, seit 1989



It was 20 years ago today...
When five hooligans from Düren and Cologne joined together as “Mamis Lieblinge” in 1983 in order to get rid of the hippy stench of the Düren music scene of the 1970s, nobody would have expected that the struggle against Birkenstock and endless solos would be and remain of immense importance for the survival of humanity today, 26 years later. After a short intermission, “The Beaten Generation” emerged from the remaining members of “Mami’s Liebling” in the beginning of the 90s, remaining loyal, in defiance of Grunch and Axel Rose, to the idea of beat punk and lots of noise. Shortly before the breakthrough they failed due to adverse circumstances (the reasons are unfortunately unknown), leaving behind superb songs such as “Love song” and “Travel agency”. Now, in 2 (...) Mehr anzeigen009, almost 16 years after the last concert of the original line-up of “The Beaten Generation”, the remaining members of the first Düren hardcore troop, Georg“Gassi“Gaspers: (bass, vocals), Kalle Olligschläger ( drums ), Ralf Meyer: ( git. , vocals ) ) and Celine Gaspers ( git. ), have joined together to continue the musical heritage of the legendary “Beaten Generation”. Weniger anzeigen


Ralf Meyer

Gitarrist, Sänger


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