The Shell Collector

Heavy 70's progressive and stoner - influenced rock. aus Berlin, seit 2012



The Shell Collector is a Berlin based band originally formed as the brainchild of Enrico Tiberi (Nrec, HBRD). The project gave Tiberi a platform to experiment with some of his best riffs and ideas combining Rock, Pop, Progressive together with cinematic, psychedelic and classical elements, ultimately resulting in a full band line-up in 2012. Inspired by bands such as Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, Them Crooked Vultures, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, the band released it's first EP "2 is the Beginning of an Army" in 2013, followed by the in 2013 released cover song Brave (from Katatonia) and the EP Rain Songs including The Who’s cover song Love, Reign O’er Me. The band's first full length album Medusa was released in May 2014, followed by the single Now or Nevermore in 2015 a (...) Mehr anzeigennd the EP Innocence Dear, a collaboration with writer and sculptor Giorgio Serafino early 2016. All music is self produced and recorded in Lullaby Studios (Civitanova Marche, Italy) and independently released by Tuna Records. The first line-up of the Shell Collector included Manuel Coccia (KmFromMyIlls, Artetetra, Babau Family) on bass and Alessandro Vagnoni (Bologna Violenta, Drovag, Infernal Poetry, Dark Lunacy) on drums, touring Italy and the UK with Kamikaze Test Pilots, Iori’s Eyes, Oslo Tapes, and many more.
In 2016, with Tiberi moving to Berlin (Germany), The Shell Collector found their new sound and added Gianluca Gulino (HBRD, Magnitudo, Ex-King For A Day) on bass/vocals and Kay Ketting (The Sunpilots) on drums/vocals to the line-up. Their shared love for Rock, Progressive, Metal and Psychedelic shapes the backbone of The Shell Collector's new sound, a sound jokingly described by members and fans as: Fucked-Up Rock
On 11 Nov 2018 the new single “Don’t Bother Me” (Tuna Records) is released.
The Shell Collector is currently working on their forthcoming album, expected to be released early 2019. Weniger anzeigen


Enrico Tiberi

Sängerin, Gitarristin


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