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Elektro Pop mit New Wave Gitarren aus Bremen

Hinter Vossmeister steht der Bremer Sänger und Multiinstrumentalist Jens Vossmeier. Vor seinem Solo-Debut als Vossmeister hatte Vossmeier schon in regional bekannten Bands aus dem Bremer Raum, w (...)


lcd soundsystem interpol tame impala

King Kuiper

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Berlin

King Kuiper started in late 2016, drawing their first musical notes on the wall at their basement studio in Berlin. They combine garage rock with electronic influences. Driving bass riffs with h (...)


the national joy division lcd soundsystem

Jigger Moon

Deep/Dub/Techno/Pop aus Berlin

Raphael Püttmann (vocals, guitar, bass), Jens Plath (keyboard, synths, electronics), Marc Frommer (drums). First album "Hard Work" released in Summer 2019.


can lcd soundsystem brian eno beatles

Sonoras Mil

Tropical-experimental pop with a lot of groove aus Bogotá

Sonoras Mil ́s music can be initially defined as “tropical-experimental pop with a lot of groove”, evoking sounds from different parts of the world. However, beyond labels, Sonoras Mil is a musi (...)


talking heads bob marley lcd soundsystem reggae pop disco funkadelic pink floyd rock buena vista social club

J. Krawietz

Electrorock, Weirdo Pop aus Berlin

The story of J. Krawietz (1981, Santa Cruz de Tenerife) is about frets and styles, search and matches. In 2009, after more than a decade playing in different bands he started writing songs where (...)


lcd soundsystem


IDM, Indiedtronic aus Mannheim

Having been bandmates for a decade, touring europe and sharing the weirdest of moments, Ziggy Has Ardeur and Donni Schoenemond are solely driven by friendship and mutual inspiration. CUCUC are c (...)


talk talk caribou radiohead lcd soundsystem

Parlez-vous anglais ?

Disco Pop aus Berlin

We're a rock band playing groovy electronic music Paris / Berlin


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