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Metal aus Frankfurt am Main


carcass obituary death kataklysm unleashed nile

Immortal Scorn

Death-Metal aus Castrop-Rauxel

This is oldschool Death-Metal you bastards...


six feet under obituary grave unleashed


death metal, thrash metal, metalcore aus middelburg

INCARNATE was founded in the early fall of 2003. Following no trends, not trying to fit in, INCARNATE’s main goal is to deliver uncompromising heavy music. Taking influences from "death/thrash m (...)


slayer obituary six feet under at the gates asphyx hail of bullets

Orphan Execution

Death Metal aus Falkenstein

Die Death Metal Band Orphan Execution wurde September 2011 durch Marcel, Michael und Daniel gegründet und kommt aus Falkenstein in Sachsen. Mit Phillipp, Twers und Patrick vervollständigte sich (...)


obituary cannibal corpse . asphyx sepultura


Old School Death Metal aus Altötting

Sequester – Das ultimative Bavarian Old School Death Metal Trio - Est. 2001 Schnell, hart, kompromisslos und reduziert auf das Wesentliche - Bajuvarentod nach alter Schule. Midtempo-Grooves (...)


unleashed obituary


Death Metal aus Illertissen

Deathvastation are a young band from Bavaria, Germany. The idea of playing Death Metal was born by the two guitarists and the vocalist in 2007. After that a name, a bass-guitarist and after whi (...)


bolt thrower carcass death metal deicide dismember entombed obituary

Dissected Life

(Old School)Thrash und Death Metal aus Nienburg

Die Band Dissected Life vereint in ihren Eigenkompositionen 3 komplett verschiedene Musikgeschmäcker. Speed-, Death- und Thrash Metal. Durch die Mischung entsteht ein brachialer Thrash Metal Sou (...)


aborted obituary slayer