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Tank Of Danzig

Post-Punk / No Wave aus Koblenz

Tank Of Danzig is one of the most known post-punk/no wave bands out of Germany, especially with a cult following in Belgium and the Netherlands. Influenced by groups and artists like Gang Of Fou (...)


sex pistols ramones the clash iggy pop buzzcocks the stranglers dead kennedys gang of four sisters of mercy kraftwerk talking heads depeche mode black flag miles davis john coltrane


Pop, Alternative/Independent aus Berlin

Born from a dark and grey-dominated neighbourhood, four characters step out of a bleached white beacon that stands contrast to it's surrounding backdrop. Rattling fixtures vibrate as Gary (Voca (...)


foo fighters the clash the stranglers

the sonic boom foundation

electrorock :: discopunk :: indietronic aus leipzig

Im April 2006 trafen sich die vier Musiker das erste mal im Studio und nach 5 Monaten intensiver Arbeit war das Album "create yourself!" fertig. Ein Jahr später tourte The Sonic Boom Foundati (...)


chemical brothers deichkind gorillaz kasabian klaxons morcheeba primal scream the stranglers