let it metamorphose into an effect aus Berlin, seit 2007



Curious, discovering new sounds and musical experimentations, in connection with destiny, a symbiosis between electronic-musicians Fred Gneckow, Dan Schneider and the world of sound arose.
visan.Ambient – created in the heart of Berlin shall create visions and touch the audience emotionally.
In various life situations every single song creates another, new dimension in which soft, unforgettable and impulsive soundscapes, too can be found.
At the same time you simply immerse, lean back and let your thoughts run free.

Once, Fred and Dan had collected many years of experiences during music productions with several artists from several genres and produced successfully own projects, they now can go on a new journey. Long after multiple songs had been produced, a sharp impulse hit them.
If you (...) Mehr anzeigen pronounce „visan“ in english it means „vision“. And „Ambient“ opened up from the rest.
Among others, they work together with Mitch Kelli, Christin Ditten and Maria Kissimov. Thereby they discovered new possibilities to provide their imaginations with more significance. Currently they are working on the album „Herbstherz“ („autumn heart“), on which several artists can be heard.

The single „TRY“ performed by wonderful Kira Albers still comes during this year.
Be tensed!


„I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry.“
-M. Schaefer

„Extraordinary beautiful!“
-H. Kujat

„[…] I'm overwhelmed by its beauty.“
-K. Square

„Haunting, desolatet, perfectly done“

„Great richness in this climate!“
-N. Costa Weniger anzeigen


Dan Schnieder

Keyboarder, Schlagzeuger

Fred Gneckow

Keyboarder, Komponist, Texter, Producer, Soundtechniker


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