Post-Rock / Post-Metal from a dark confined Space aus Löwen, seit 2016


66 million years ago. A 7.5-mile-wide asteroid slams into the Earth's crust, producing an explosion equivalent to 100 trillion tons of TNT and unleashing a torrent of global wildfires, earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis. The explosion lifts an enormous amount of dust, ash and gas into the atmosphere. The sunlight is vastly blocked. Years of freezing cold and darkness start. 75 percent of Earth’s species die out... and the reign of dinosaurs comes to an end.
But this morbid end makes way for new beginnings.
This is how the Cenozoic Era started. It’s the era when mammals finally had their chance to evolve and our own species Homo sapiens appeared on the scene. It is a story about us. A story of triumphs and failures, advancements and tragedies, and everything in between.
It is the (...) Mehr anzeigen grimier aspects of the Cenozoic Era Wanheda delve into on their debut EP, The Cenozoic Implosion. Clocking in at 33 minutes, the record is an instrumental narrative about the “implosion” of a once-promising era, tainted by selfishness and greed of the modern human who has made a huge destructive impact on other species, habitats, and the biosphere itself.
While the immersive, guitar-dense aspects of post-rock lie at the core of Wanheda’s music, the band adds depth to their musical underpinning with gloom-infused ambient soundscapes, progressive elements and a pronounced keys presence. From the melancholic atmospherics of “An Unquiet Ethos” and “Luminous” to the brooding churn of "The Gathering of One", and to the outflow of energy in “Exploring Systems” and “The Fissures of Humanity”, The Cenozoic Implosion is a conceptual showcase dense with substance and heavy with heartfelt content. If you’re looking for musical references, fans of bands like MONO, Caspian and This Will Destroy You will appreciate the EP’s textural and evocative sound, with its refined, unfurling layers folding into one another.
Formed in 2016, the Belgian six-piece rose from obscurity in just a few years with the release of The Cenozoic Implosion in April 2018. The EP quickly amassed an organic following of listeners and has racked up over 40k streams worldwide on Spotify alone in less than a year. Since then, the band has played live incessantly in support of the release, touring in and around Belgium and sharing the stage with bands like The Hirsch Effekt and Telepathy along the way, among many others.
Currently, the band is booking shows and gathering ideas for their sophomore release. Time will tell what their new direction will be, yet with a multitude of ecological problems piling up high around us today, The Cenozoic Implosion is very likely to remain relevant for years to come. Weniger anzeigen


Maurits Elzinga



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