We Built The Sky

Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent aus Rodgau, seit 2014



We Built The Sky is most certainly one of the best bands that has ever existed and likely that will ever exist. The band's strongest suit is their modesty and realistic down to earth view of themselves.
Bahaha, sorry but we can't keep a straight face writing such utter nonsense. Seriously, we are just four normal guys who came together with the common goal to create honest, strong, melodic yet in your face rock music. We didn't start this band saying 'let's get a record deal and make tons of money', we just wanted to share our passion with as many people as possible and give them something to enjoy. We do everything ourselves, from songwriting, recording, mixing, all the way to our pics and videos.
We think we've done a decent job with all of that, but you can be the judge of that. Feel (...) Mehr anzeigenfree to listen to our tracks, look at our videos, and share everything with all of your millions of friends!

Thanks and enjoy,
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Moritz Amrhein


  1. Reality (You Called, We Answered, 2015)Kommentar
  2. We Built The Sky (You Called, We Answered, 2015)Kommentar
  3. Decisions (You Called, We Answered, 2015)Kommentar
  4. Past, Present & Future (You Called, We Answered, 2015)Kommentar
  5. In Disguise (You Called, We Answered, 2015)Kommentar

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