What We Are

Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent, Techno/Electronic aus Bitburg, seit 2012


"You´re making your life real, with every move you feel
A rush, a beat, a song that´s screaming out inside your head
It won´t be easy, that´s all I promise you
It won´t be gentle, but that´s not what roads are for
your crazy dream is all you need." - "Thanks For The Memory - The Roads We Choose" (2013) What We Are

Representing a generation - Bitburg, Germany-based Progressive/Alternative Rock/ Pop band "What We Are" inevitably does so. The songs off their debut album "Thanks For The Memory" allow glimpses at a world envisioned by those on the verge of adult life - embracing past and future experiences, songs shrouded in melancholic optimism. Their style combines elements of various musical influences, creating a symbiose of innovative, classic hard rock riffs paired with atmospheric s (...) Mehr anzeigenynths, diverse vocal structures and modern dubstep and hardcore quirks. Weniger anzeigen


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