Wilbert von Lingen

Space-Soul trifft auf Funk mit einer dicken Ladung Groove - gut für Hirn und Hintern. aus Frankfurt am Main, seit 2015


Wilbert von Lingen is a collective based in Gießen. The core of it is built by ten permanent members, who may be joined by other musicians and guests that are connected with Wilbert von Lingen. In that way the practice of making music is getting a fluid and dynamic process. With the many influences the band develops a broad range within their musical repertoire. Then, like a melt together, you can hear music full of energy and groove, that is both, demanding and danceable.

  1. Funky Stranger (Pionierarbeit, 2016)Kommentar
  2. The Family (Pionierarbeit, 2016)Kommentar
  3. Blüten (Pionierarbeit, 2016)Kommentar
  4. Mondgesicht (Pionierarbeit, 2016)Kommentar
  5. Pionierarbeit (Pionierarbeit, 2016)Kommentar

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