Funk-Rock aus Berlin, seit 2014


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It was in the summer of 2014, that singer SMilaZ and her „A-Team“
-Andrzej on bass and André on guitar-
joined forces to form the funk-rock outfit WIRED CHILL.
Drawing from the three founding members shared love
for all things loud and funky with a hard edge.
What followed was a year of songwriting and gigs, using a looper for drums.
In 2016 they were finally joined by drummer Thomas.
In December they laid down tracks for their forthcoming debut-album !
John Philip Shenale (Willy DeVille, Tori Amos) signed on as producer.
Coming from countries such as Denmark, Poland and Germany
they have their homebase of operations in Berlin, Germany.
With a touch of funk and a bit of humour the songs of WIRED CHILL
go from rebelling to provoking, about work, love, friendship,
the unrealized luck we all (...) Mehr anzeigenhave, and getting high.
So far there are live shot videos available on Youtube,
as well as several demo recordings on Soundcloud
to give an impression of what WIRED CHILL are capable of.
And the Players are:
SMilaZ: vocals
Andrzej Raczykowski: bass, background vocals
André Erbherr: guitar
Tom Sparvatargel: drums
Im Sommer 2014 gründeten Sängerin SMilaZ und ihr „A-Team“
-Andrzej / Bass und André / Gitarre-
die Funk-Rock Band WIRED CHILL,
aus Liebe zu allem
was laut und funky mit einer gewissen Härte ist.
Es folgte ein Jahr des Songschreibens und Gigs mit einem Looper statt Drums.
2016 gesellte sich schließlich Drummer Tom zur Band.
Sie kommen aus Ländern wie Dänemark, Polen und Deutschland,
doch ihre Operationsbasis liegt in Berlin.
Mit einer Spur Funk und einem Funken Humor bewegen sich die Songs von WIRED CHILL
zwischen Rebellion und Provokation, handeln von Arbeit, Liebe, Freundschaft
und nicht wahrgenommenem Glück, dass wir alle haben.
Im Dezember 2016 kam Producer John Philip Shenale an Bord,
um die Aufnahmen für das Debutalbum zu steuern.
Und die Mitspieler sind:
SMilaZ: Vocals
Andrzej Raczykowski: Bass, Background Vocals
André Erbherr: Gitarre
Tom Sparvatargel: Drums Weniger anzeigen


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