Blue Hour Confessions

Blue Hour Confessions

Release von Earth Flight

: 04.02.2011
Produktion: Tinitus Studio
Label: Recent Records

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and sometimes they come back!

The Earth Flight crew have spent three years in a universe of passion, coldness and melancholy to write and record the nuggets included in "Blue Hour Confession“.

The band have injected all their experience and passion into the project, with more than 60 performances in 8 European countries, to answer the trend of faceless and disposable rock music that swamps the main stream! Now complete: Sublime and aloof but full of heat and energy, Earth Flight´s new songs appear like a bastard beget by Placebo and the old Black Sabbath that mounted Radiohead. From the idiosyncratic arrangement of the songs, an almost Scandinavian tension is created, which manifests in hard rhythms and distinctive spheres of sounds. Here, the guitar is the leading instrument, which can be either gentle as wind chimes or as hard and snotty as a low down dirty pooch. The bass and drums uncompromisingly push the sound ahead to unload in a heavenly orgasmic coitus. But above all enthrones a voice that commands all facets of the bands rock needs.

This is monumental music that engages your attention from the start and refuses to let go. Songs that you will fall into and be carried off to a place you would never have encounter without the spell binding music of Earth Flight. Just like Alice, who could never have experienced wonderland without first chasing the imp like bunny.