A Loner's Tale

A Loner's Tale

Release von Fatal Arrival

: 28.10.2016
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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The Classic Heavy Metal Band "Fatal Arrival" will release their debut album "A Loner's Tale" in late October 2016. The release will be connected with a release party on the 28th of October in Freiberg and 29th in Leipzig. The release shows will contain both songs from the new album and the old Demo CD.

After the Demo CD "With Sinister Fate" in 2013 Fatal Arrival present their first album consisting of 8 diversified Heavy Matel tracks. "A Loner's Tale" is a concept album which is concerned with an odd character whose view of life stands alone. The album addresses those who are not conform with society, those who are in mourning, those who know the difficult aspects of life. It strengthens them to carry on and to solve their problems, encouraging those who go unwaveringly their own and sometimes harder way.