Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

Release von Halfblind Henry & His Instabilities

: 2011
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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This album was never planned.
Rainer had talked to Jörg about this curious band. Obviously he got him interested and one night he showed up at one of our gigs. After the show Jörg said he would like to record us and very soon two days in August were agreed on. Pegman, our bass player at that time, was on holiday somewhere. So Rainer gave me Joey's number. I called and he said, yes, he could join in. He just showed up on the sessions and played on the songs he had never heard before.
Everybody had a good time, Jörg did a great job recording and mixing the whole lot. Most of the songs were recorded live in the studio in one or two takes with occasional overdubs. Christiane joined later to do her vocals.
As easy as it was recording the thing it took some time until it was finally released. But I won't go into that.
I hope you have as much...no, I will not start that blabla.
Have fun, stay healthy, see you soon somewhere!

All songs written by Halfblind Henry except
There Is A War written by Leonard Cohen
"Heroes" written by David Bowie and Brian Eno

Rainer Fox saxophones
Sara Rilling viola
Georg van Lichtenberg electric guitar
Joey Stevenson bass
Christiane Günther backing vocals
Halfblind Henry vocals, acoustic guitar, dobro

recorded by Jörg Reinke at ToneVision Studio, Berlin, August 9 & 14, 2011
mixed by Jörg Reinke, Halfblind Henry & Rainer Fox
produced by Halfblind Henry

Martin Bahr photography
Heinrich Krönke design

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