On Twisty Tracks

On Twisty Tracks

Release von Haymo Doerk & Friends

: 27.02.2017
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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This project started around 2004 when Tobias and I
were offered to open a jam session and really enjoyed
playing together. In the following years we repeated
this occasionally until in 2008 Roberto joined us who
had just settled down in Berlin. We then played lots of
gigs and jams with various drummers, and finally we
met Julian and rehearsed with him for some concerts
in 2013.
What you hear on this CD is basically from those two
first rehearsals which we recorded.
Obviously, the songs were not played perfectly, but
they will never sound as fresh again as in those first
meetings - the character of a jam session has always
been a major aspect of this project.
It took some work and time to convince the guys that
this might be worth publishing - especially with Julian,
as he then was playing these tunes for the very first time
(but the way he did should make it evident to everybody
how brilliant he is!).
So there were times when I was quite sure that this CD
would never be released...but finally, "on twisty tracks",
it has been done. As there has never been a commercial
aspect about this project - nobody of the musicians involved
has ever made money with it, it's just friends playing music
together they like - I have good reason to be proud of the fact
that some of my favourite musicians in Berlin take part
in it. Many thanks to them - and also to everybody who
has been supporting us!
Haymo Doerk, November 2016, Berlin