holy spirit SQUEAQUACK

holy spirit SQUEAQUACK

Release von HOG MEETS FROG

: 2012
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

  1. fat bat FRED (holy spirit SQUEAQUACK, 2012)Kommentar
  2. TITANiumFACE (holy spirit SQUEAQUACK, 2012)Kommentar
  3. TOMMY K., PETE B., AMY LEE & all by themselves (holy spirit SQUEAQUACK, 2012)Kommentar
  4. PAT the pi(e)rat(e) (holy spirit SQUEAQUACK, 2012)Kommentar

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holy spirit SQUEAQUACK

...is the youngest album of HOG MEETS FROG and it’s not a lucky break that it is published in 2012.
with the album they hail to the holy spirit SQUEAQUACK, who still has induced his return from a long, long meditation to prevent the end of the world in the end of 2012.
“holy spirit SQUEAQUACK“ will make your mind freak out and goes boom!!!!

one of the feat. artists on this album is FII - the vocal artist known from X-factor and his act with "das Bo".

available on itunes, amazon, saturn, etc...