Closer Than My Skin

Closer Than My Skin

Release von Janis

: 01.02.2019
Produktion: Blackstone Studios
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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From different parts of the world, Berlin attracts lonely and wounded hearts to let them wander in the labyrinth of its streets. In this maze, as if by the will of a chance, the paths of the four members of Janis crossed, leading them from Spain, Israel, Cologne and Leipzig into a basement studio in the north of the city. There in the scenery reminding a still from the movie “The Wings of Desire” the album Closer Than My Skin was recorded and mixed. Through its six songs the album explore themes of mental instability, loss, love – desired but impossible and alienation. Musically the album offers a journey through atmospheric, slightly psychedelic landscapes while incorporating such a different elements as soothing folk (A Moment of Weakness) and violent bluesy post-punk (Alexander). Despite the overall dark tone there´s always a ray of hope, a bright spot that indicates that the songs do not mean to depress but rather help to cope with times of personal crisis, be therapeutic and encouraging.