Dawn Of The Five Suns

Dawn Of The Five Suns

Release von KAMBRIUM

: 09.11.2018
Produktion: Kohlekeller Studio
Label: Noiseart Records


Kambrium – Dawn Of The Five Suns cover & tracklist released!
Here it is! The amazing artwork for our upcoming album, made by Felipe Machado Franco!
For the first time in history we had the chance to work with a real choir of 16 men just to multiply the already high densed catchy tunes on ‚DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS‘. The musical substance is even more eclectic, ambient and illustrous than before. Thus creating a jungle-like ambience just to drag the listener into the myths and sagas of the Aztecs!
01 - Forest Hunt
02 - Dawn Of The Five Suns
03 - Against All Gods
04 - Cabrakan, God Of Mountains
05 - Everlasting Resistance
06 - Ghost Shaman
07 - Tribe Of Darkness
08 - Nocturnal Woods
09 - Sacrifices Must Be Made
10 - Blood Soaked Goddess
11 - Lord Of Mictlan
„Against All Gods“ will be the first digital single, and lyric video which will be available on Friday, 31 August! Stay tuned!
„Against All Gods“ is a very fast and diverse song, with a chorus that won’t leave your head anymore!
This song gives you a first sneek peak of the 16 headed male choir we have on „DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS“!
So what's left to say? We cannot wait to release it!
Out: November 9th via NoiseArt Records
More info coming soon - stay tuned.