Mari Mana - Vinyl Single "Floating"

Mari Mana - Vinyl Single "Floating"

Release von Mari Mana

: 29.11.2018
Produktion: mosternstudio
Label: Selbstvertrieb

Bezug über

marimana.bandcamp.com, oye-records.com...ana-floating-find-me


Side A: "Floating"
Side B: "Find me"

With arrangements consisting of strings, bass, drums and electronic elements, arranged and produced together with Mo Stern, we present Mari Mana’s music for the first time in vinyl.
The songs ‘Floating’ and ‘Find Me’ are influenced by Soul, Folk and Electronic Music, and feature various international musicians, including
Alex Trebo (ITA), Timo Lassy (FIN), Marlene Schuen (ITA), Lee Caspi (ISR) and Natasha Jaffe (USA).