SPLITCH by Tonaryous - Manufactory for music culture

SPLITCH by Tonaryous - Manufactory for music culture

Release von SPLITCH a project by Tonaryous - Manufactory for music culture

: 01.01.2018
Produktion: StudioW59D
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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Splitch is a Belgian experimental/post-rock duo that performs in synchrony with a black and white film produced by themselves.
This conceptual musical work is based on no less a theme than that of the story of the creation of the universe, life and their consequences. Starting with apparently eternal chaos, this audiovisual happening gradually takes form until it finally finds its own identity. Working together, sound and image hack their way through and merge into unity. Splitch, the very model of a species which, influenced by its environment, in turn influences its environment. The audience surrenders to an ambivalent world between yesterday and tomorrow. Is it time that’s passing? Or is it standing still and it’s us that are passing?
For anyone over 12. Duration 60 minutes