Taste Of Black

Taste Of Black

Release von Thalamus

: 2012
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

  1. The Rising (Taste Of Black, 2012)Kommentar
  2. Taste Of Black (Taste Of Black, 2012)Kommentar
  3. All I Need To Breathe (Taste Of Black, 2012)Kommentar
  4. Did It All For You (Taste Of Black, 2012)Kommentar

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released 02 December 2012
„Taste Of Black“ released on December 2, 2012
All Compositions by Thalamus, Lyrics by Dave Müller.
Recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by B-Ray at Le Fink Studios (beray.de).
„Did It For You“ arranged by Dave Müller and Andreas Hollywood Bacon, produced and mixed by Andreas Hollywood Bacon.

All Songs mastered by Ulf Hattwig at Toolhouse Studios (www.tool-house.com).

Coverartwork by Becker Schmitz (www.beckerschmitz.com)