Wrecking Command

Wrecking Command

Release von Warfield

: 27.04.2018
Produktion: Es Loch
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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The young Germans WARFIELD unleash their first full-length upon the world. Brutal, uncompromising and honest old school thrash metal is what they serve. The trio manages to deliver with ease what many veterans seem to have forgotten. Each song rages and rampages with screaming guitars, thundering drums and overpowering roars, but never forgets to sound authentic. The self-proclaimed Teutonic thrash image nods to early icons like KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and especially the war-themed SODOM creations. But fans of thrash from across the pond won't be disappointed either, as bands like SLAYER, EXODUS and RAZOR definitely left their mark on this album as well. A minimalist low-key production gives the songs a raw finish, promoting the unstoppable energy oozing from the speakers. The uncommon choose to abstain from the click gives the recording an organic and dynamic vibe which is missing in the most modern music. A fine first timer straight from the aggressive young thrashing heart!