Release von Why Amnesia

: 24.10.2015
Produktion: Stefan Herkenhoff Tones & Tunes Studios
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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In 2015 the German alternative rock band WHY AMNESIA releases with GODIVA the first studio album of the present members. Influenced by bands like Skunk Anansie, Slash and Die Happy the five friends offer a musical explosion of straight rocktracks, mid-tempo songs, and passionate, but still sensitive ballads. With the right mixture of “Dust & DIRT” and a good dose of LOVE, the ultimate live experience is transferred anywhere you are.

In addition to this combination, WHY AMNESIA also strikes a thoughtful note with their lyrics: Mostly they ask the questions of “when”, “why”, “where from” and “where to” and with the Album GODIVA the band positioned themselves clearly against war, violence and racism.