Atlas Cube

Progressive Rock aus Regensburg, seit 2014


Label: Balounge Music


Stylistic Expansion Set

After 2015's debut EP, Atlas Cube went back to the drawing board for new material. How can the first four songs be expanded upon? In which direction should the band's sound develop? In the composition sessions below the Garbo Theater in Regensburg, two radically different approaches took form. On one hand, the mellow, flowing strands of odd-meter harmonizing led into what would become the Single's title track, "A Change in Time". On the other, the band's drive for harsh and intense feels ended up in their heaviest effort to date: "Zakko Droozer". Complementing the previous material, the Single is a step toward the definition of Atlas Cube's mission: To explore the possibilities for stylistic range in an instrumental trio, without loosing the framework of musicality (...) Mehr anzeigen.

Atlas Cube formed in Regensburg, Germany, in 2013. Helmar and Sebastian had met during the formation of a short-lived hard rock project. Martin, Helmar's partner from a juvenile instrumental prog effort, had just returned to the area, looking to get a new creative outlet going. The principal concept of „anything goes“-proggy, while still groovy, sounded interesting to everybody. In a first jam session, Martin plugged in, mentioned „This thing's in 5/4 – 6/4“, and went off on the arpeggio which later formed into the song „2.0“. Right then, it was clear that everybody's on the same track; Atlas Cube was born.

The next months led to the concepts for further compositions, eventually forming the songs for the EP. Ideas were drawn out, twisted and intertwined, revised, and sometimes tossed. The dominant concepts eventually distilled out: How can ideas and images, such as the hometown of Regensburg or the course of a relationship over the four seasons of a year, be described in instrumental music? How can odd-metered motives be made to groove and feel smooth? How can different sections and motives be coupled over the course of a song? How can the extended ranges of 7 string guitar and 6 string bass be applied? What happens if you fuse influences of different musical genres? By releasing themselves from the confines of optimized vocal rock, or even allocation to specific musical genres, Atlas Cube have cleared out a framework in which these questions can be explored.

At the end of 2014, the band was ready to head to Stefan Lang's K-Langwerkstatt studio in Mitterfels, leading to the release in October 2015. Additional compositions are in the works, further expanding on the band's stylistic and dynamic range. Currently, Atlas Cube are preparing for first live performances of their material. A new challenge lies ahead: How can this material best be performed in the pure trio form, without multiple trackings or background keys? Weniger anzeigen


Atlas Cube

Gitarrist, Bassist, Schlagzeuger, Keyboarder


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Support für Gig in München gesucht --- Bitte nur Anfragen von Prog-Bands

Support für Gig in München gesucht --- Bitte nur Anfragen von Prog-Bands

02.02.2020, Feierwerk / Sunny Red, München

02.02.2020, München
Feierwerk / Sunny Red

Angebot von: Atlas Cube
Datum: Sonntag, 2. Februar 2020, 19:00
Location: Feierwerk / Sunny Red , 81373 München
Gesuchte Acts: Band
Genre: Rock, Metal
Freie Slots: 1
Gage: Doordeal/Gewinnbeteiligung
Kosten/P2P: Keine
Backline: Teilweise vorhanden, Rest nach Absprache

Gepostet am 5. Dezember 2019   9

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