Blizzard of Ozz

Black Sabbath / Ozzy Osbourne aus Gummersbach, seit 2006



When it comes to tribute bands, some think that theatricality and a slavish devotion to appearance are all you need. But the key to a truly great tribute band comes down to one fundamental question: Can you play the original band’s catalog as good as the real deal.
Blizzard Of Ozz A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne are the most exciting Tribute band in Europe. The exquisite voice of Mojo just has to be heard to be believed. A hard core Ozzy fan in his own right. Close your eyes and you’ll believe that you are hearing The Prince Of Darkness for real.
A mixture of professional musicians from Germany and the UK England. Blizzard Of Ozz play all the hits from Ozzy and Black Sabbath in a stunning two hour hard rock metal extravaganza. Presenting a stunning stage show and musical prowess that (...) Mehr anzeigen leaves the audience in awe. All Aboard and let the madness begin ???

On our website blizzardofozz.de you will find more information about Blizzard of Ozz, as well as excerpts from our CD and of course live videos - of course also on facebook: shttp: //www.facebook.com/Blizzard-of-Ozz- Tribute-to-Ozzy Osbourne-350628448470434 /
, , so let the madness begin. , ,

Auf unserer website blizzardofozz.de findet ihr mehr Informationen über Blizzard of Ozz, sowie Auszüge aus unserer CD und natürlich auch live - Videos - natürlich auch auf facebook: sfacebook.com...50628448470434
. . so let the madness begin . . . Weniger anzeigen


Mojo Solmen


S. W.



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