Grunge & Rock aus Bialystok, seit 2004


Management/Booking: KS MUSIC


COCHISE – a music band formed in Białystok, Poland in 2004. Their music is a unique blend of rock, metal, and grunge. Cochise are not afraid to explore various territories looking for inspiration. Charismatic vocals, impressive guitar solos, dynamic drums and well-defined bass are to be enjoyed on their albums and during the band’s energeticlive performances.
Paweł Małaszyński – vocal
Wojtek Napora – guitar
Radek Jasiński – bass guitar
Adam Galewski – drums
”Swans and Lions” (MetalMind Productions, 2018)
”The Sun Also Rises for Unicorns” (MetalMind Productions, 2015)
“118” (MetalMind Productions, 2014)
“Back to Beginning” (Mystic Production, 2012);
“Still Alive” (Cochiserock, 2010);
“The Dark Side Of The Blues – A Tribute to Danzig”, Danzig cover “Lick the Blood Off M (...) Mehr anzeigeny Hands” (Black Fox Records, 2010);
“9” (demo, 2005)
Cochise was formed in 2004 in Białystok, Poland. Their music is a unique blend of rock, metal and grunge. After a debut demo “9” the band released their first album “Still Alive” (2010) and a Danzig cover “Lick the blood off my hands” – a part of the “Tribute to Danzig: The Dark Side Of The Blues” compilation. In May 2012 the second album “Back to Beginning” was released by Mystic Production. It was followed by the third album “118”, which was released by MetalMind Productions. The latest release is planned for October 2015. The fourth full-length album will be called “The Sun Also Rises for Unicorns” and will be released by MetalMind Productions.
Cochise have performed over two hundred live concerts appearing at various stages and venues all over Poland and abroad (e.g. Seven Festival in Węgorzewo, Ciechan Cover Festival, Świebodzice Rock Festival, Cieszanów Rock Festiwal, Impact Festival with the legendary Black Sabbath as the headliner – just to name a few). Cochise alsoperformed in Brussels, Belgium during the 2011 Grand Finale of WOŚP charity event, and have made a few appearances on stage in the UK. Weniger anzeigen


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