Drown In Sulphur

deathcore aus Mailand, seit 2014

Management/Booking: Anchor Agency


Raging a heavy extreme of deathcore tainted by blackened elements, Drown In Sulphur have made a name for themselves in the online metal community with their single "An Epilogue to the Arrogant" going viral on YouTube with nearly 3 million views as of today.
In 2018, the band released their single "Blackwind", confirming their status of promising new deathcore act and bringing them exciting opportunities for the future.
Having already shared the stage with bands such as Rings Of Saturn, Aversion Crown, I Declare War, Vulvodynia, A Nght In Texas, Carnifex and more, Drown In Sulphur will be playing Fajtfest 2019 (Czech Republic) and are currently discussing more festival appearances for next summer.
Never giving themselves a break, Drown In Sulphur are currently working on the release of thei (...) Mehr anzeigenr next EP "Blackwind" to be released in 2019. Weniger anzeigen


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