Electric Mud

Post-Progressive Rock, Post-everything Rock aus Springe, seit 2011


Label: timezone-records


Hagen Bretschneider (idea, sound concept, bass) has always focussed on instrumental compositions. He has concentrated on his own material, producing the first album "Dead Cat on a Railroad Track" together with Lennart Hüper (rhythm guitar) and Gustav Hüper (drum machine) in 2013. This work was a production using only guitars, bass and drum machine. Following their success they decided to develop their music together resulting in "Lunatic Asylum" released in 2015. Hagen and Lennart were joined by Nico Walser, who produced Lunatic Asylum as well as playing lead guitar and synthesizers. This collaboration blossomed further on their third album "Wrong Planet" featuring producer and guest musician Nico Walser again. The compositions on the first album were largely rooted in blues rock, however (...) Mehr anzeigenon Wrong Planet their music can sound like Sabbath or Zeppelin from the 70s but they combine these licks with dynamic patches from the drum machine of the 80s. Their style is steeped in ambiant music interspersed with melodic guitar riffs. These arrangements are sometimes inspired by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, especially by their use of a violin bow played on the guitar, and the guitar solos would not sound out of place on a Camel or Pink Floyd album. After the release of former albums, mud-mastermind Hagen Bretschneider received miscellaneous soundfiles from people all over the world, who played guitar or sang vocals along to Electric Mud tracks. The idea was born to reinvent some pieces and contribute more instrumental parts for the new album. Rather recomposing than remixing. Over the years the german-based Electric Mud transformed from a live-trio into a studio project. So longtime studio-contributor Nico Walser added some of his sound alchemy to the music. The heavy guitar driven riff is a major part of many tracks, but there is still plenty of space for soft passages and panoramic atmospheres. Non of the instrumentals stay in one genre for long, moving from krautrock to ambiant, from post rock to traditional prog, from edgy to contemplative. Imagine Deep Purple and Camel jammed together with Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream - and you'll hear the pure audio-magic of the album "The Deconstruction of Light". Weniger anzeigen


Hagen Bretschneider

Bassist, Komponist


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