Melodic / Symphonic Metal aus Paris, seit 2014


Label: Valkyrie Rising


In this wonderful and boiling world perm that is the symphonic metal, Elfika traces its road, carried by the passion of music and all that she allows to make and to share.
Elfika First Démo 2015
The group was born under the sign of the moon, by occurring for very first time for the benefit of a child reached by the disease of the children of the moon.
Since then, we built our musical and visual universe, filled with all our influences and inspirations, taken in the world of the metal, the classic, the musics of movies, the symphonic and good music others else...
We move forward slowly on the way which will allow us to share this universe and our passion with you, always by hoping you more numerous...
Laure Ali-Khodja Lead singer and front woman
In all those who follow us and support us, we (...) Mehr anzeigen tell you thank you for the bottom of the heart, and all those who join us, we tell you, welcome in our universe.
We have to share again a lot with you in this wonderful world that is the symphonic metal...
Here you will find all the useful information for following the activity of the group but also to discover who we are.
The sections music, pictures and videos should allow you to share our creations and the life of the group. Weniger anzeigen





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