Favola Due

Acoustic Comedy Rock aus Nürnberg, seit 2009


Once upon a time two heroes found their way to the final battle in the Witchwood Arena, where only the strongest and toughest fighters from all of Albion raised their swords. After defeating the cruelest monsters, the most evil demons and several annoying killer wasps, they faced each other willing to risk their lives and make themselves a living legend.
The fight lasted three years, noone was eve
r able to take the opponent's head. When finally one of the heroes was about to take his enemies life (until now it is not known to mankind who was the superior hero), a shiny golden egg landed in front of them. Looking up to the sky they saw the Mighty Chicken flying above their heads and remembered the myth they were told as children. They cracked the egg open to drink the Mighty Chicken Juice. (...) Mehr anzeigen That was when they realized they had to form a bond strong enough to banish all evil from Albion.
Angrily and full of hate about the missed slaughter of the unworthy hero, the Arena's headmaster sent upon them a dragon to take both of their lives. But their bond was so strong that the heroes would never be defeated. The dragon's life was taken and the heroes celebrated their victory with Albion's finest Single Malt Whiskey.
Now they were free to roam the world, spending their days killing white werewolfs, brutal bandits and lots of really annoying killer wasps. Whenever they reached the next town, they rest from their battles and entertain the townsfolk by singing the songs of their heroic deeds. And thus they came to know to all of Albion only as Favola Due. Weniger anzeigen





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