Final Story

Posthardcore aus Aarau, seit 2011



Founded in 2011, this band has made it its goal to fundamentally change the Swiss music scene.
The founding members Kevin and Flavio Schärer, Mathias Sax, David Mele and Oliver Strub set out
to write music history.
In April of 2012 the current drummer Daniel Baumgartner joined the band, followed by guitarist Raffaele Uccella who replaced Oliver Strub in October 2013.
The band’s smashing EP is called „Hopefully This Will End Well“ and was released in May of 2012.
Their debut which they created in association with producer Lars Christen offers melody, intense
riffs, animating beats and a well-proportioned dose of Electro. These guys are not trying to redefine
the wheel, but make it their duty to beat it into shape to create a compact sound that cannot be heard
anywhere else.
The upscale prod (...) Mehr anzeigenuction and the professional music video of „Is Your Knee Alright? It Touched My
Head!“ served as a worthy allegory for the starting pistol of a hopefully long-lasting career in the music business and left the recipients longing for more.
The following year started with the release of the official live music video of the song „Relentless“
and to shorten the latency for the fans, a cover of Seven’s hit „Lisa“ was released in October of
Currently the quintet centred in Argovia, Switzerland is working on their new album, which is scheduled to be released in 2015. Weniger anzeigen


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