The Famous Gold Watch - AudioVisual Studios

Tonstudio und Recording, gegründet 2016
Neumagener Strasse 23, European Creative Centre, 13088 Berlin


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The Famous Gold Watch is a recording, filming production and writing studio in Berlin, founded by Universal Music Publishing composer and artist Cameron James Laing.

It's a boutique studio, equipped with high end audio and audiovisual equipment for making your albums, EPs or music videos come to life at the top level, but for a fraction of the price of a typical studio. Located in a quiet artist community (the European Creative Centre) on the edge of the city but just 20 minutes from Alexanderplatz on public transport, our little network has it's own cafe, garden and a small farm, so artists can take nice long breaks hanging out with the sheep and peacocks after soundcheck before getting into performance mode.

We also specialise in live music videos, either in our beautiful and complete (...) Mehr anzeigenly unique Green Room and Red Room, or on location - in our garden, by the bonfire, out of town - anywhere you choose.

We believe an artist should have a warm and cosy atmosphere to work in - as if it was their own strange little creative home - and we've gone to painstaking detail to provide the perfect aesthetic, service, equipment and instruments for musicians to enjoy the recording process and deliver the performances, as well as the quality, the songs deserve.

Our pricing and working hours policy is designed to benefit the artist more than the business - daily rates are as affordable as can be found in Berlin, and the working day runs as long as we can still stand up and our ears are still functioning.

To speak with one of the studio team or for more information, contact Cameron Laing or Jaime Molleda via FamousGoldWatch@gmail.com, or send us a message through this Facebook page. Weniger anzeigen


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