Heavy Blues Rock aus Schmalkalden, seit 2016


ALBUM RELEASE 28 June 2019!!!!!!!

Ambrosia - the food of the gods is not safe anymore, since GODDYS show society their reflection. The new album is a story about the courage to start and to brave doubts. It reveals the abyss of the greedy and manipulated humanity, the thirst for justice, the persistent defiance of recurring temptations.

Ambrosia is a tribute to the imperfection of humanity.

Blues ballads, mesmerizing riffs and rhythms, electrifying beats, dark and melancholic sounds, GODDYS bring all this to this album.

Musically, the 4 headed band is based on blues and alternative and combines this with soul, funk, heavy metal and stoner rock. The songs are emotional, complex and full of passion.

The energetic voice of the singer, the driving force of the drums, the
virtuosic guitar (...) Mehr anzeigen and the playful bass let the listener dive into another world in which to celebrate, dance and philosophize.

So there is only one thing left to say in the end: In the lap of luxury don't yield to dispair, you can feel the dignity with AMBROSIA! Weniger anzeigen


Emma Schwabe



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