Grey Moray

Stonermetal aus Celle, seit 2015


Like their namesake Grey Moray bite hard and lurk deep. Their uncompromising assault with heavy walls of fuzzed up, boosted up, amped up guitars and heavy bass, layered with sharp-toothed vocals and incessant tides of percussive flux sweep your feet out from beneath you and take you down into their lair: the riff.

Formed in early 2015, these four young, hard-working men from Celle, Germany have not wasted any time, combining their existing experience in music (in bands such as Dynamite Roadkill, Fire in Fairyland, etc.) with their ambition and drive to form a band that is out to shred and rip. Out to bite and entwine and drag you down into a groovy, head banging whirl pool of massive, sludgey, stoner riff metal from the dark, deep seas.

Grey Moray are currently recording their first EP, (...) Mehr anzeigenplanned for release in winter 2015. A heavy, dark side to a faster, sharper half to come in 2016 to complement this first EP and consummate an epic, two-LP album. Weniger anzeigen


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