Progressive Rock/Artrock aus Gelsenkirchen, seit 2003



InVertigo - this means a blend of art rock and fine neo-prog, situated somewhere between complexity and catchiness, epic structures and radio affinity, 11/8 and 4/4. InVertigo's songs mirror influences by progressive rock bands such as Genesis, Yes, Spock's Beard, Marillion, The Flower Kings or Porcupine Tree - but do sound completely different.

Symphonic compositions, multilayered arrangements, variations of key, tempo and rhythm, constant changes and surprising twists make up their songs. And yet: InVertigo make sure the songs' musical content prevails. Even though the compositions are usually quite long, the song itself and demanding but catchy melodies are the primary focus.

With their 2010 debut, 'Next Stop Vertigo', the five musicians from Germany's Ruhr area delivered a multifacet (...) Mehr anzeigened modern prog rock album: the tight atmosphere and tension of songs such as the opening track, 'Vertigo', or the multi-layered 'The Night', put listeners under their spell at once. While 'Take Your Time' and 'Night On Broadway' offer a clear invitation to rock and roll, 'Saturday Evening' and the mini-musical-esque 'Special' are beautifully arranged longtracks that bear anthem qualities. The album was overwhelmingly well received by fans and critics worldwide and its first pressing sold out within less than 12 months' time.

Shortly after the release of 'Next Stop Vertigo', the band continued writing new songs and performing them live – either supporting progressive rock favourites such as Sylvan, Pure Reason Revolution, Fish or as guests to the renowned UK progressive rock festival Summer's End in 2011.

2012 sees the release of 'Veritas', an album full of prog rock gems such as the mysterious 'Darkness', the catchy but demanding 'Lullaby' – a song that's definitely not going to make anyone fall asleep! - the humorous but oh so true 'Dr. Ho' as well as two longtracks that are designed to leave you breathless: 'Suspicion' and the even more epic 'Memoirs of a Mayfly'. Weniger anzeigen


Jacques Moch



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